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Embracing Birth Maryland

Helping you achieve a calm and serene birth

Welcome to Embracing Birth Maryland! Preparing for childbirth is a wonderful way to give yourself the time to focus on this special life- changing event! 


Shoshana Steiner

Doula, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, and a Dancing For Birth Instructor, Shoshana’s passion is working with parents and preparing them for this upcoming life event, as well as postpartum support. Her classes help support you through the prenatal and postpartum time, which includes emotional and physical preparation for birth and parenthood. Shoshana is available for therapeutic hypnosis sessions addressing all areas of life. Shoshana loves to help people achieve a calm and serene birth, embracing this special life event. She is currently forming HypnoBirthing classes in Baltimore, MD.

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Embracing Birth Maryland Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Embracing Birth Maryland has earned its positive reputation because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our customers. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success. Read on to learn more about what we can do for you.


Next Level Service

Having a doula by your side, has been proven to create a more satisfying birth experience overall. Being supported can help reduce medical interventions, and help with postpartum bonding. As a Doula, I am there to support you physically and emotionally, helping you navigate through the birth process, while still holding space and respecting your experience. It is always an honor and a privilege to be chosen to be a part of your birth support.

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HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In this comprehensive 5 session course you will receive:* the latest edition of the HypnoBirthing book with a cd *a download card or Mp3*a beautiful bound booklet with essential material for each session*a special gift
Each session is about 2 1/2 hours and we learn and practice all the techniques. 

This includes: 

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Dancing For Birth Instructor

Here For You

Please join us for a fun prenatal and postpartum exercise class (no time limit! Once you’ve given birth, you are always postpartum!)
Dancing For Birth is a supportive moms’ group and fitness class that incorporates Latin, Belly Dancing, African, and Caribbean style dances. No experience necessary. Babies are welcome! This class is great for anytime in pregnancy and as soon as you feel up to joining postpartum. Meet mothers at different stages, helping each other navigate pregnancy, birth, and parenting. This class helps you prepare physically for childbirth, and promotes emotional well-being for all!

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Shoshana and her youngest daughter. Photos done by Chana Mirel Photography. Click here to get you baby photos today!!


Q: I am expecting my first baby and I have been thinking of taking classes to help me prepare for labor. I keep hearing about HypnoBirthing as a good option—what can I expect to gain from these classes?

A: Lately, we have been hearing more and more about the “mind over body” concept. Our mind is an amazing gift, and the use of techniques for positive thinking is truly a source of strength. Understanding that the psychological well-being of a pregnant mother affects her unborn child, and working on creating new and healthy thought processes in preparation for birth and parenthood, can be an important and powerful experience. 

I teach HypnoBirthing classes, where I train families to gain an understanding of the physiological, psychological, and emotional aspects of pregnancy and birth. Positive affirmations, meditation, breathing, visualization, and relaxation techniques all come together to help create a serene atmosphere for birth.

Although our focus is on the labor and birth experience for mother, father, and baby, many families have expressed using the skills gained in HypnoBirthing in many different aspects of their lives. 

There are many conscious and subconscious thoughts about birth and we address these, as they play an integral role in the birth process. In HypnoBirthing, we aim to help eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle, which can hinder the progression of labor. 

Every woman has instinctive abilities to birth her child, and this complete childbirth course helps build the confidence a woman needs to listen to those instincts. They help by creating a foundation for parenthood. Partners can play an integral role in the labor as well. As the skills learned are applied, each woman can feel more mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically prepared to create the atmosphere in which she wants to birth her baby. 

In these classes you will be provided with the latest edition of the HypnoBirthing book, a booklet of handouts, a CD and a downloadable card with tracks. Classes can be taken individually, with your partner, or in a group setting. 

Give yourself and your baby the experience of a gentle birth! 



Tiny Feet

Joseph (1st Time Dad)

“It is difficult, if not frightening, to imagine going through the childbirth process without the expert and indispensable help of Mrs. Steiner. As a husband, whose wife was, quite understandably, more than a little nervous about giving birth, it was hard sometimes to try and find the right things to say and do. Enter Mrs. Steiner. Her calm, encouraging, and informative methods offered my wife and I immeasurable peace of mind. From the early stages of pregnancy, when she would help us prepare emotionally and physically, to the birth itself, when she helped us navigate our way through the hospital to the appropriate rooms and nurses, as well as assisting us with all of the medical jargon, and of course- the actual birth. From the postpartum check-ups, to just coming over to see us (and especially our new daughter), Mrs. Steiner has transcended the traditional role of doula into something more like a loving family member. Though she has certainly done this many times before, never did we feel as if we were just another client; she always offered her time, and vast experience. In her unique way, she not only managed to effectively quell our nervousness and apprehension, but was able to help us appreciate the incredible experience and blessing that the process of having a child truly is."


Rachel (1st baby)

"Shoshana helped me prepare for giving birth and kept me calm and comfortable throughout labor and delivery. Her gentle words of encouragement and HypnoBirthing techniques made it possible for me to have a natural delivery with confidence!"

Aliza (1st baby)

"Shoshana did an incredible job in teaching us the HypnoBirthing philosophy. She is extremely knowledgeable and taught us a lot. She is kind, genuine, and warm. Her guidance helped us deepen our connection with our baby before being born. Also, she helped us work through all birthing fears to see the miracle of birth for what it truly is!"


Miriam (6th baby)

"Shoshana was so reassuring, comforting and went above & beyond the call of duty."

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Baltimore HypnoBirthing is committed to helping you achieve a calm and serene birth. We’re here to answer your questions.  We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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